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Black History Video Stories

The Richard Allen Story
How African=American Won The Civil War 1
How African=American Won The Civil War 2
ThebMother Africa Story 1
ThebMother Africa Story 2
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Documentaries you Can Not Be Without

Carvel Watson is an expert Historian, Producer/Director,
specializing in documentaries, and the founder and astute
choreographer of Studio II Productions Inc. This organization is a
community based production company Mr. Watson has over 25
years of film making business. Under his leadership the Studio II
Productions Inc. organization has produced 12 video documentaries

"This Week in African-American
History". Of the 12, The Richard Allen
Story is his favorite.
A few of the other documentaries are:

The Mother Africa Story Part I: This
story proves that Africa contributed to
World Culture; the grandeur and
beauty of our West African Homeland
as well as the intelligence and
sophistication of our great African

The Mother Africa Story Part II:
Within this story documented
proof is presented of the
existence of the beautiful
Ancestral Homeland of African
Americans, The Songhai
Empire, in West Africa.

Another impact of the story is why the first model of The Statue of
Liberty was an African Woman of full African features, with chains on
her forehead, arm, and legs.

Several other accomplishments include his production of a
documentary on The Black Family Reunion; a tribute to Dr. Dorothy
Height, an African Queen here in America and Founder of Black
Family Reunion Nationwide Summer Festivals.

Mr. Watson's portfolio also includes working as an independent
producer for WYBE TV (channel 35, covering Philadelphia and
Delaware Valley Area): A television documentary production on the
study of the bagpipes entitled: "Bagpipes, The Rufus Harley Story";
as well as an interview with Mr. Haylee Geroma, about his
independent production of a major motion picture film entitled


The Collection No Library Should Be Without!

How African American Soldiers Won the Civil War: Proof is
reflected within this story that African American Soldiers won the
Civil War, preserved The Union, freed millions of their brethren
held in chain captivity in The South; it gives meaning as to why the
Civil War began…